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Western Australia Moves

Weekly services throughout WA, you name it we go there

Moving to Western Australia

We're here to move you from anywhere, across to Perth and Western Australia. No matter what you're moving, or where you're moving from, we can get you across to Perth, and anywhere in WA ASAP.

We have trucks available for collection any day of the week in all major locations such as Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, and have multiple trucks per week available in more regional areas around the country.


How long does it take to move over to Perth?

Once your goods have been picked up we'll consolidate your belongings into full containers with other customers, then get them on their way across to your new home in Perth. In general you can expect a transit time between 2-3 weeks for the majority of moves.

Obviously the further you are away from WA the longer the trip, but we can lock down more specific information for you in regards to your individual transit time once we have locked in a collection date.


Here's some ballpark estimated transit times that you can expect.

  • Brisbane - Perth: 12-15 business days.
  • Sydney - Perth: 10-12 business days.
  • Melbourne - Perth: 9-10 business days.
  • Adelaide - Perth 8-10 business days.

Do you require much notice to move across to Western Australia?

We'd ideally have you give us a few weeks notice, the more, the better. If you can give us 2-4 weeks notice, then we can plan everything well for you and make sure the move schedule works in with whatever requirements you have. Saying that though, we often send a quote out to a customer early in the week, and have them picked up before the weekend. If you're in desperate need of a removalist and have a short schedule, then we are most definitely able to help you get moving.

We can also help move your car!

Along with moving your personal items and furniture in or out of WA, we can also assist with moving your car too! It's something many of our customers were asking for help with so we decided to track down a company who can give our customers an affordable price and an excellent service. See our page on car transport for further info.

Where else other than Perth do you cover?

While coming to or going from Perth is what the majority of our customers need from us, we can also provide a service if you are Moving within Western Australia. There are a number of locations we can help you move to if you're looking for a more regional destination, or are escaping the country and moving back into the metro areas.

Removalists from Perth to Coffs Harbour

If you are looking for a removalist to move you from Perth to Coffs Harbour then look no further! You've found your removalists. We offer multiple collections per week in Coffs Harbour. We also have trucks heading to and leaving Perth multiple times per week.    

Removalists from Perth to Townsville

If you're after for a removalist to get you moving from Perth to Townsville then look no further! You've found your removalists. We offer collections daily in Townsville. We also have trucks heading into and leaving Perth many times per week.    

Removalists from Perth to Albury

If you're after for a removalist to get your belongings from Perth to Albury then look no further! You've found your removalists. We offer collections daily in Albury. We also have trucks going to and leaving Perth numerous times per week.