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Bought a car interstate, or maybe you have 2 cars, and only want to drive one when you move, we can help with that too

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Car transport

Lots of Australians move really often, and a big thing to move along with all the furniture and personal items is your car. For a long time our customers had real trouble finding a competitive and affordable car transportation company to move their car while we moved their belongings. To make things easy we've found an affordable and helpful company to move your cars in and out of Western Australia.

When moving your car interstate, there are a few things to be mindful of when choosing a provider. Price, security, time to move and how well looked after your car is throughout the journey. We think we've found someone who can tick all of those boxes.

Obviously you should still do your own research when it comes to finally picking your car transport provider, just like you will when choosing a removalist to move your personal items, but we're confident you'll agree with our pick.

Things you should look out for before you select an interstate car transport company include:


  1. Their years of experience – If they have been in business for long, then they should know what they are doing.
  2. Their delivery times, response and punctuality.
  3. Their reputation - How many customers do they move and how do those customers regard the service they received.
  4. Their transport route - Do they have multiple depots across the country? If so this means they probably move a large number of cars and know what they're doing as a company.


To avoid any major issues or drama with your car transport, do not just instantly go with the cheapest option, going for the cheap option will always mean you need to give something up. Whether it be the transit times, or how quickly they can collect etc. You may be looking at paying only a few per cent more and receiving a far, far better service. Obviously when moving your budget is important, but you really should consider what sort of service you are paying for before you book it in.


Car transport within Western Australia

Along with being able to assist with people moving their cars from interstate, we are also able to help with car moves within Western Australia.

Moving within Western Australia can take you to many very different areas of the state, check out where we can help you move.


Furniture Removals in or out of WA.

Our primary service is for customers who are moving in our out of Western Australia. For these moves we use our specialised Container Removals trucks. We'll send the truck to your property with an empty container, load your goods on, then transport the container to the rail station to be loaded and shipped in/out of WA.